Making an Offer / Closing the Deal

Preparing the Offer

In today’s market, it is easy to become frustrated with what seems like endless competitive offers coming in fast and furious.  There are ways, however, to improve your chances of success even in today’s hot market.  A few things to consider are:

  • Become pre-qualified, or better yet, pre-approved.  Many sellers today can be picky about the offers they accept, and showing that you have your finances in order at the time of the offer will help better your position.
  • Consider other areas in the offer that may be attractive to the seller, such as agreeing to their escrow terms, or putting a larger earnest deposit upfront.  You may want to even consider paying part of a closing cost that normally is borne by the seller.
  • Relationships – I can work with the seller’s agent to help get an understanding of what things are particularly important to the seller, and tailor our offer accordingly.
  • Be ready to move quickly.  Sometimes I will get a follow-up call from a seller’s agent inquiring as to my client’s interest, which means they want you to make an offer.

I and my team have tools to help evaluate an offer price that hits the right point – not so high so that you risk overpaying, but not too low to have your offer not considered seriously.  We are also well equipped to negotiate counter-offers quickly and expediently.  With the right preparation, speed and knowledge, we can take your bid from offer to accepted!!

Once your offer is accepted

Escrow begins; I and my team will help shepherd the escrow process so that all of your inspections and contingencies are met and addressed in a timely manner.  We can help arrange for professionals to conduct inspections, work with your lender to ensure things are moving smoothly, and the seller’s agent to ensure the seller’s disclosures and obligations are moving through the process in a timely manner.  Once escrow closes, then the keys are yours!!!

My work doesn’t stop after escrow closes – I and my team can help connect you with professionals to do any necessary work on your new home, as well as help you strategize on how to conduct your move.  You are a client for life, and anytime you need assistance I will be available to help.

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